We decarbonize high-temperature
industrial heat.

Our mission

is to competitively replace fossil fuels in energy intensive industries by converting renewable electricity into storable, high-temperature process heat.

11% of global CO2 emissions is caused by
high-temperature industrial heat.

No carbon-neutral, cost-competitive and easy to integrate solution exists yet.
11% of global CO2 emissions is caused by high-temperature industrial heat.
No carbon-neutral, cost-competitive and easy to integrate solution exists yet.

Our solution

The Heatrix system combines an electric heater, utilizing off-grid solar or wind electricity, with a thermal energy storage to provide continuous high-temperature process heat. With an outlet temperature of up to 1500 °C, Heatrix has the potential to decarbonize the majority of high emission industries.

Heatrix technology perfectly fulfils customers' requirements – CO2 free continuous and easily integrated process heat at competitive cost.

Carbon-free green heat,
reducing CO2 emissions
up to 100%

Process heat (hot air)
up to 1500 °C

Thermal storage up
to 20 hours to
deliver green heat 24/7

High efficiency up
to 90% based on
resistance heating

Cost competitive vs.
fossil fuels and substantially
cheaper than green hydrogen

Modular container
system enables
easy scalability

Easy integration
with minimal
retrofitting needs

Applications for Heatrix


Replacing fossil fuel burners and reducing fuel consumption in calcination processes by integrating Heatrix heat to shaft calciners or precalciners of rotary kilns.

Heat Treatment

Inducing required process temperatures via hot air flow from Heatrix replacing fossil fuel burners in heat treatment ovens.

Sintering & Pelletization

Reduced fuel gas & coke usage by providing Heatrix heat to sintering or pelletization plants.


Combined with existing burner system, Heatrix technology can be used to preheat materials and reduce fuel consumption in the actual process.

This is us

Strategy & Operations
Innovator / Inventor / Sold first tech start-up in 2021 / Ph.D. from RWTH Aachen
Technology & Product
Tech Lead / Fluid dynamics expert / Energy technologies / Ph.D. from University Bremen

Supported by

Co-funded by the European Union
Supported by Federal ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action

Heatrix is participating in the Ansys Startup Program (Ansys Startup Program).

Contact us

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Heatrix ensures defensibility through modular product, ease of integration, technological advantages and compelling business model.

Modular Product

• Avoids individual design process – fits in standard containers
• Industry-agnostic solution
• Modular configuration to meet customer needs

Easy Interaction

• Rapid deployment
• Focus on minimal plant downtime
• Compatible to back-up for guaranteed production

Business Model

• Ongoing customer relationship and revenue
• Large growth potential
• Maximal impact on CO2 reduction

Technical Advantage

• Unique system design integrating electric heater and thermal storage
• IP application in preparation for unique heater  and storage design